Evan MacDonald

Music Composer

Featured Filmography

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On her boyfriend’s birthday, Thara announces that she is leaving him. Unsure of what to say, Thara sips her glass of white wine and thinks back on a relationship that was at times thrilling, at times bland, but mostly (and inevitably) a failure.

Director: Helene Ha

Premiere: Cannes International Film Festival

Score Recoded at Studio 22 in Budapest Hungary with the Budapest Art Orchestra

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The Gift Giver

A young man attends an HIV support group with the intention of purposely contracting the virus.

Director: Denis Theriault

Premiere: Inside Out International Film Festival (TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre) 


That Never Happened: Canada's First National internment operations - feature Documentary

THAT NEVER HAPPENED reveals the story of Canada's first national internment operations between 1914 - 1920, when over 88,000 people were forced to register and more than 8,500 were wrongfully imprisoned in internment camps across Canada, not for anything they had done but because of where they came from. In 1954, the public records were destroyed and in the 1980s a few brave men and women began working to reclaim this chapter in history and ensure future generations would know about it.

Director: Ryan Boyko

Theatrical Distribution October 2018


Pyrenees - Feature Film

A young woman working as a pizza delivery girl in a small suburban town is thrown into a string of violent events following the theft of her bicycle. 

Director: Alex Caucean

The Session_Poster.jpg

The session 

Haley recounts a paranormal experience during an intimate session with a therapist.

Director: Eric Dubois

Premiere: Fantasia International Film Festival

Score recorded at Redpath Hall in Montreal, Canada